What people share about their experience?


Elena Aziani (IT)

Re-connection 2016 | Czechia

I am trying everyday to keep the light in my core. My life changed after re-connection. I follow everyday the follow-up action because they are are part of me and of my way of behavior and Nature is the first tool that allow me breathe deeper. Be thankful to myself for my personal development and for my mistakes, be thankful to those around me because their behavior always help me to understand something new and open more and more my world view, my mind and my soul in order to welcome every life and every life-change. I learnt how to make choice to be happy, to choose what I want to be, to change my state if it’s noxious for myself. I learnt to focus on me, to keep a space to reflect on my actions in order to not be overwhelmed by situations. I learnt to explain my point of view, to trust in it. I learnt that I can change my life and my life is changing.


Giannis Norra (GR)

Re-connecting 2017 | Fuerteventura

Re-connecting at Fuerteventura crated a space where I could simply "Be". A pure space to connect with my inner self and my body, find ways to communicate with them and express myself. I realized that, sometimes, it is more important to find the questions you want to answer yourself than the answers themselves and the project provided me with some of these questions and tools to answer. I think that we should always give ourselves that space and time for exploration.

After it I feel stronger and more confident. It function as a catalyst for some changes I wanted to make in my life and I am grateful to be a part of it!


Dori Tomasz (CZ)

Re-connecting 2017 | Fuerteventura

One year ago I joined the programme Re-connecting at Fuerteventura facilitated by Šárka, Roxana and Adria. Now, looking back at what the year brought me I can see clearly what happened during Re-connecting and I again feel deeply grateful for it. There, in the space held by the trio, I found the way back to myself, nourished the soil within me and cleared it of that which was not serving me. Thanks to that, the seeds that I later planted on that ground could grow, nourished by my re-discovered trust in myself. Sure, the path of growth was not always straight and clear, but I finally I broke the habit of shutting the seeds before they can even sprout. Now I’m harvesting the fruits and realizing how crucial it is to nourish the soil first. And that crucial step happened at Re-connecting. Thank you.


Simona Macorova (SK)

I am nature. I am woman. 2016 | Switzerland

It was during March 2016, when my friend Sarka provoked me to visit her in Switzerland, in her beautiful temporary stay in awe-inspiring mountains. She and Andrea organized a retreat and sweat lodge, honestly I didn’t even know what that meant by the time. I just wanted to see and be with her, disconnect from everything, stressful job, annoying people, noisy city.

There are moments long as months when you can’t find your inner self. Time passes, days go on, working office hours feel the same. I didn’t realize what was happening to me until I noticed my bad mood and a lot of unnecessary discussions with colleagues or my partner. I wasn’t there anymore and I couldn’t find myself in that mess of my daily routine.

It got me. Complete, full, limitless, uncontrollable, wild, passionate. We started slowly with relaxation, talking, meditation, preparing for something big to come which I didn’t perceive yet. For me, I just let myself in, let go with the flow, without any expectations. Sarka was leading me through the whole process, taking care of everybody individually, listening and connecting, even if you didn’t realize it. She was there, loving, totally opened, giving it all.

I connected with myself. I found the woman who was there, but forgotten, neglected. The priority was given to my work, to friends, family, partner, other people. Somehow the day wasn’t long enough to have some time for me. 
But that was over. That feeling when the world is yours and you take the control back. When you smile just because you woke up beautiful today. When you got the power to make decisions, to dance, to scream, to be happy.

I was afraid that the experience would disappear after some days, especially when the routine could come back to me. But I have learned how to find myself in this world and embrace myself anytime, anywhere. How to truly connect with myself, how to be honest with me. I left with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. Thank you Sarka and Andrea.


Matteo Bolle (IT)

Re-connection 2016 | Czechia

Matteo shared himself through wonderful song & video inspired by our pilgrimage:

A West Wind - Our Time        

And poetry:

Deep down yourself, take a breath.
Fill the energy with love and trust,
Forever will never last.
But in this moment when fire is burning,
everything in forever is turning.
Deep down yourself, take a breath.


Teofana Grecea (RO)

Re-connection 2016 | Czechia

"My time in this training has been blessed from night one with the feeling that I am in the middle of a family, of a group not of random individuals put together. This is something I've never experienced before and it was so beautiful to be held and to unwind, let go, blow up and bloom in this context. Both the trainers and the group created an atmosphere of safety and comfort of okness with all the shapes and colors we showed up in, light or darkness. It is very precious to feel like you can express yourself completely, run away, hide, burst, be soft and vulnerable and roaring without being judged. The combination of this, the trainers and nature's magic support helped me create an experience that has been very impactful of my life ever since. For me this training was an opportunity to explore my inner fire, my rage and all the passion I had hid away and buried inside of myself out of fear that it is not ok and that it maked me unloveable. I managed in this retreat to unlock the doors and let myself tumble through the drawers of my inner fear of abandonment, jealousy, triggers and unhealthy patterns of coping with the passion I feel inside in such a way that now I am enjoying my inner fire and nurturing it almost daily. It really supported me to be at peace with a part of myself I had been running away from and this is in big part because of the beautiful flowing programme, the facilitators ability to interpret what is happening in the group and where to go next and to the big trust they put in their participants, always reminding us that we know best and to listen to our inner whispers. I could write on and on, pages probably about how much I loved this training and the impact it had in my life. "