Deserts. Raw.

Deserts. Raw.

Death & Life. Rhythm of Fire.



Mystery. Magic. Intuition. Wind moves.

Steep Mountains

Steep Mountains

Higher Self. Power. Clarity.

Oceans & Rivers

Oceans & Rivers

Emotions. Acceptance. Deeper flow of life.

Grasslands & Fields

Grasslands & Fields

Community. Gifts. Belonging. Returning back Home.

Life journey.

Life journey.

One step in time. Always returning Home within. Re:Membering

From personal inner journey to an embodied mindfulness practice

aligned with the Nature.


Years of meeting the World, learning about inner and outer landscapes, exploring the wisdom of the Nature and the common human language that goes above cultures, Re-connection came out as the essence. As a red line.


Seeking the inner truth and own purpose here, it started to be obvious that the whole path is simply about remembering of what is already inside. Cultivating wholeness. Finding the right place in the eco-centric system and start living in a meaningful way, contributing to more-than-human community through being in the Service to others. Embodying the change I want to see in the World, embracing natural cycles as guides and teachers, listening to the inner wisdom of the soul. Dancing with the polarity of stillness and movement, between days and nights, expansion and contraction, feminine and masculine, balancing out the cultural and natural world.

Re-connection nature based approach supports you to:

- understand ourselves as a part of the larger Natural world

- connect to the power of the circle

- express authentically as we are, to radiate all colors of wholeness, from inside - out

- get in touch with the wisdom of the body and organic movement

- trust your heart's wisdom as a valid, deep source of truthful information, as a connection center

- uncover our unique gifts to serve others with, as a path to fulfillment

- learn from direct experience of life

- align with natural cycles and their wisdom, their support, their ebbs and flows

- embrace the impermanence of phenomena, the deeper flow of Life

- use the wheel of life as a tool for personal revelation, visionary leadership and collective eco-awakening

- embody the right place in the eco-system, to live from the center


Re-connection guides us towards mindfulness practice and understanding ourselves as spiritual multilayered beings. Creating more awareness and connection to the present moment, to the direct experience of it. Journey inward towards remembering who we are and re-connecting with the life itself.

Inside of each of us lies the infinite wisdom serving the life. Life seeks the life. Once we tap into it, we find all the answers we've been searching for and the source of power empowering us to be the change we want to see in the society. We have the capacity to connect with the still point within, where we know, there's nothing to be done, nowhere to go. That we are perfectly enough as we are and our gifts are needed. Through embracing our shadows and imperfections, we expand the space within to accept them in others as well. Layer by layer, peeling off the masks we've been put on ourselves, living more of our authentic Self.

intuitive wilderness exploration

wheel of life teachings

holistic leadership

& sharing circles 

authentic movement

& sacred embodiment


& natural reflections


meditation practice

heart's wisdom

& loving kindness


& inner work

Facilitator, dancer, natural guide

Ing. Šárka Martínková

Šárka is bringing together the knowing of the importance of well developed human potential (Master's degree from Business and Management Studies in Masaryk University | CZ | research on Talent development in business practice) with the wisdom from more than 14 years of experience with nature based leadership & discoveries from own inner journey towards wholeness. She offers self-reflective holistic approach connecting nature based educationspirituality and embodiment. She converts her passion for the exploration of the unknown, of the wild nature of the human soul and of the re-connection with the universal cross-cultural language that connects all, into wise drive for her Service.

She values authenticity, integrity, Nature, uniqueness, courage, Love, inner wisdom, inter-connection & sustainability. People around usually melt and appreciate open heart's vibe.