DANCEmandala is a free-form stillness movement meditation, a transformational tool for awakening your inner dancer and for deepening our connection with authentic Self, Community and Nature.


Each DANCEmandala practice session is safely held space for an inner journey, an intelligent playground for you to express freely and to explore movement as a reflective meditation. It allows us to enter into the space of inner freedom and oneness & to open up to experience our unique soul expression, healing, bliss, and creative life flow.

To get closer to the spirit of the practice and to get connected with the global community, please visit her homepage.

"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words. "

- Ruth St.Denis

The basic principals of DANCEmandala is Movement & Stillness. With DANCE we refer to the inner flow and outer flow of life-force moving through our body, and expressing herself in our being, interactions with others and our surroundings. MANDALA refers to the inner space and outer space aligning, integrating and creating dynamic spiralling multi-layered landscapes for movement meditation.


  • a safe environment - I'll be holding space for your exploration. It's a judgement-free space where you can allow your body to move freely, beyond restrictions

  • carefully chosen supportive music - music is there to support your inner journey, it follows a specific "road map" and intention for a dance

  • guided instructions - I'll provide you with suggestions and instructive guided voice, you are encouraged to follow own intuition and take in what serves you

  • free-form movement - no steps, no choreography, no expected moves. It's your own gateway to find the joy in authentic movement, you can be all up in the air or rolling on the ground, there's no right way to dance through. There's only YOUR DANCE.

  • inner flow - finding and following own rhythm on the dance floor is a great practice to dance effortlessly through life. Once you find it, you will never leave it. Your rhythm is with you, it's your flow and your hidden energy ready to expand, explore and rejuvenate into a more spaceous, present and vital being.

  • meditative state -  to reach the meditative state for a some moments, minutes is a regular experience of the dancers. This is the space for transformation and healing. Space to keep practicing opening into a new moment and new experience of life, space for expansion, inner stillnes allowing insights, clarity and peace to come. 

"The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in the music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.

- Charles Baudelaire

With the respect and integrity with the practice, I keep offering DANCEmandala sessions wherever I go, wherever I live. Currently based at Czech Republic you may find all events here:

Please if you are around, come & join the dancing tribe here, despite sessions are being held in Czech.