Do you yearn to awaken into the fullness of your heart and trust into your unique path in the circle 

of other courageous sisters?

We are women. Light bearers. The creative life force continuously changing, transforming & bringing Love around us and within us. We always have an access to become what is needed. By walking Camino we walk ourselves home, to remembering, what we already are:

Whole. Radiant. Abundant.

We will slow down to the rhythm of one step at the time. Breathing in the wild air. Breathing out what we are no longer willing to carry on our shoulders. Letting go of what we are not. Softening the edges of our compressed versions, melting down our limiting believes and settling into the vast space of becoming. Making it homey. Available. The white blank space where everything is possible to be created.


Let's bare our hearts.

Will you call in the grace, forgiveness and compassion when it gets hard?

Will you trust your heart's voice even if it gets loud & tempting around?

Will you dare to let go off the shore of comfort and start swimming together in the ocean of unknown?

Resolve into being You?

It's time, beloved sisters.

We are called to create together a safe container of consciousness for our flowing energy and serve Life with our unique gifts. No more hiding. No more complaining. This is a call to radical self-responsibility and walking together in the process of coming undone. Witness each other. Support each other. Celebrate each other. Learning to navigate the inner journey, trusting the heart's compass.


Be the change.

"Imagination is powerful. Imagination is healing.
All you need is the courage to visualize what should be, and then give yourself to its creation. The result may not be what you expected, but it will be right.
- Gabrielle Roth


Deep breath in and out... This sacred pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago is accessible to everyone, you don't need to be professional hiker or super sporty to be able to walk the path and expand the limits you may have over your capacities. One thing (out of loads of them) what I love about this pilgrimage is, that it will give you exactly what you need at the moment, it will test you exactly where you are ready to move further and it will support you where you may think you cannot do it. It's the embodied university of life.


Here's what I suggest as options (choose A | or B | or both, upon your preferences):

PART A | PORTUGUESE PART 107 KM |9. - 14. 9. 2018 |

Arrival | Porto | 0 km, dinner together

1. day | Porto – Labruge | 24 Kms

2. day | Labruge – Povoa de Varzim | 16 Km

3. day | Povoa de Varzim – Esposende | 21 Km

4. day | Esposende – Viana do Castelo | 24 Km

5. day | Viana do Castelo – Caminha | 25 Km

PART B | SPANISH PART 154 KMS | 15. 9. - 23. 9. 2018 |

6. day | Caminha – Mougás | 22 Km

7. day | Mougás – Sabarís | 15 Km

8. day | Sabarís – Vigo | 19 Km

9. day | Vigo – Redondela | 15 Km

10. day | Redondela – Pontevedra | 19,6 Km

11. day | Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis | 21,1 Km

12. day | Caldas de Reis – Padrón | 18,6 Km

13. day | Padrón – Santiago de Compostela | closing dinner, ceremony | 23,7 Km | Departure day



Is this for you?


This is the invitation to experience 8 to 13 days long sacred pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, to re-connect to its origins, to look into the depth of soul and to clear the path for our heart's guidance. This is the call to step away from our regular patterns and to simplify life, so deeper layers of our feminine and masculine qualities could awaken and restore their place.

You can expect to get clarity on your life's purpose, to expand beyond your edges and to dive deeply into the practice of continuous transformation & fullness of the heart. To experience the Sacred Camino in the intimate group setting will support you to discover your own voice, your depths, colors of your authentic expression and trust in your inner wisdom. Having a powerful reflection in other courageous sisters and being held safely for exploration will intensify the experience camino is already offering itself.

Attune to the natural rhythm

 Choose option that suits you the most. I definitely recommend the PART B, from Caminha to Santiago.  Anything you can afford time-wise extra, is a huge plus. Dates are no coincidence - entering to the Santiago before the day of Autumn Equinox is a threshold to cross through together. 


It's the brilliant time to pause & harvest what we have seeded and nurtured until that time. Shifting into the internal space, getting quieter, creating fertile soil for deep listening to what is emerging from within. As Nature does. Making ourselves antenna for resonance with Life:

right body position

 intention + energy flow

inner attitude

right resolve

Our sanctuary

is the Nature, St.James path itself and facilities it offers. In each village there are simple & clean pilgrim's hostels, where we restore, and little cafes, shops, restaurants & markets where we make sure we eat well.

Our activities

walking & stillness meditation, journaling, restoration, authentic sharing, deep listening and ongoing self-care, 1:1 inner exploration. Following intuition and signs. In between there's a plenty of time to just BE with yourself and enjoy the pilgrimage. Silence is healing. We wrap it up with Fall equinox ceremony in Santiago.

Our group

is an intimate collection of soulful, courageous women walking our own unique paths, together for a unified purpose: coming undone, rising up into the Love we are.

What is included:

  • All activities, daily guidance for the reflective, life's transitioning journey

  • 45 min daily 1:1 in depth exploration with me

  • 1 night & vegetarian dinner at Porto (part A) and Santiago (all of us)

  • “Pilgrim's passport”  & "Compostela" declaring your arrival to Santiago de Compostela

  • Organisational support with transport there and back


  • download free guide Pack lightly - Walk smoothly 

  • hand made mala aligned with your intention and mantra for a journey. Offer is valid for you with registration and full payment until 1. 9. 2018 (get in touch with me to find the right material and energy line)

  • 4 follow up group calls 

  • 21 days challenge - creation of practice that bridge the experience to your daily life

  • 1 audio guided meditation "Journey home"


  • transport (both airports are served with low-cost airlines (I use Azair to find my flights)

  • travel insurance

  • food and accommodation on the way (I count with 20E/each day - comfortable & simple with self arranged food on the way, I'd add up some extras if you are planning to rely on restaurants and cafes, you know the best what suits you and support you, what you need)

More info:

Whole route is well marked with visible yellow arrows or shells, no matter where you start, it will guide you to Santiago de Compostela. Last year I really loved the complete trust I put into the journey, having only the simple plan where are the hostels to sleep and walking with light feet & mind.


If a bit of overview would support you, head here to see map & basic hostels, here to see all the options we have to alternate, and here to see the overview map.

Sample camino day

5.30 - 6.30

wake up, morning self-care, gentle body stretch, breakfast


morning solo walk in silence (first 5-10 Km)

9 -10

snack break

morning circle - tune in to the heart's space, daily prompt

10 - 12.30

walking meditation, time for 1:1 exploration slots on the go

12.30 - 13.45

lunch break, group restorative practice

13.30 - 15.30

walking practice, possible 1:1 meetings, arriving to the space where we sleep

16 - 18

free time

18 - 19

sharing circle, group activity

19 - 20

dinner - self arranged or cooked by us together as a group


free time, journaling, inner work, connecting, resting, ...

Let's walk together

Choose the option that will support you

the most on your journey Home.

Price reductions for low income and payment plans are available upon your inquire. Reach out. 

PART A (9. - 14.9.2018) | 300 Eur

PART B (14. - 23. 9.2018) | 450 Eur

INTENSIVE A + B (9. - 23.9.2018) | 650 Eur

Want to join me & other courageous sisters?


If you have any questions, send them here and I'll provide answers I have.

If you'd love to connect first - yes please, Skype meeting is available and preferable, to make sure we have a common language and set up the agreements.


If you are simply ready, book your spot by contacting me directly

at and paying 150 Eur until 25. 8. 2018

(pay the rest until 3. 9. 2018)

Space is limited for a group of 7 women in total in the same time.

How to get there and back? Closest airports are Porto, as the starting point, and Santiago de Compostela on the way back. Tickets are all what you need to pre-arrange, isn't it amazing?

PS: It's all about how it feels, not how it looks. We'll be walking in our shorts, sweating with backpacks, but - the aim is to root deeply in that feeling of being whole, with our heart's radiating Love, no matter what.

Until then take care.

With much Love, S.

Your space holder

Šárka Martínková

  • Re-connection

Creatress, intuitive guide, dancer, meditation facilitator, founder & trainer at Re-connection, embracing the feminine way of leading and being. From inside out. She is devoted to her path to the wholeness and serving meanwhile to women, as a bridge for re-connection to their deepest gifts of the soul. She is the only certified facilitator of DANCEmandala 2 and SheDance in Czech Republic, wild soul women, pilgrim of life.


With inside-out re-connection approach, based in natural wisdom, she has already created, facilitated and held space for larger author's international projects such as I am nature. I am woman retreat & sweat lodge ritual (Switzerland | 03 - 2016), Re-connection training (Czech Republic | 10 - 2016), Re-connection retreat (Czech Republic | 03 - 2017), Dancing with life (Romania | 05 - 2017) and Re-connecting training ( Fuerteventura, 11 - 2017).  More you may find in About section.

Love note

I want to honor beautiful women who I see walking with their torches, lightening up the way Home, bearing their hearts, holding space for the shift, inspiring me deeply. Credits and deep gratitude goes especially to Jody, AreeradhStephanie, Luise, Caroline, Tree sisters, Danielle, Julie ... who hold space very openly and speak up clearly with the voice of the universal heart.

And a long list of you, inspiring sisters, who do it in own way, being the change.

Thank you ♡

Get in touch & reserve your spot

In case of emergency, call to + 420 739 648 905

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