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Remember who you are.

guidance and mentoring towards authentic re-connection

with the sacred Nature and her embodiment.

Earth wisdom

Welcome home, beloved one. 

Pause for a moment and allow breath to guide you. Look inside, connect to the heart's eyes. Listen deeply. 


Let the heart lead. 

We are in the time of The Great Turning, in need of more heart-centered mature adults, in need of larger perspectives and collective visions, which are sustainable, reverent towards the Nature. The need to remember, who we really are.



Nothing more. Nothing less. Remembering that our body is the body of the Nature. That we are made from the same matter, rooted in the Earth, connected to the Space, reaching up to the blue skies, burning from within  with the gentle fire of the soul, expressing our ebbs and flows, reshaping in every moment, flowing back to the Ocean.


Recognizing ourselves as members of larger circle, weaving the thread together. Finding our ultimate place within the ecosystem, serving the purpose of being here & now, utilizing our unique gifts for the larger goods.


How I help?


As a female leader, space holder, I work in the circles, not pyramids. Offering safe space for individuals | groups | businesses for deep inner exploration and re-connection to life's force supporting the creation of better World, where Nature is revered as sacred, where we recognize ourselves as part of Her.

"In the Circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there's nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The Circle is Sacred because it is designed to create Unity."

-Lakota Wisdom

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